Enjoy a Turkish Breakfast or Brunch in Chester

Situated on the famous Chester Rows, Pars Kahve is a Turkish Kitchen and Bazaar offering city visitors and locals a unique place to eat and drink in the morning.


Providing a taste of Istanbul, the eatery is run by Adem, who is originally from Turkey, and his wife Holly of Wrexham. After a visit to Chester to visit Holly’s aunt, the couple decided it was the ideal place for their business idea, which offers the magic of an exotic market with Turkish coffee and cuisine.

Those seeking an enchanting location for breakfast and brunch in the Turkish tradition will find that the Pars Kahve menu excels. A classic Turkish breakfast can be ordered featuring scrambled eggs with pastrami, beef sausage, grilled halloumi, feta and topik cheeses, tomatoes and olives; a vegetarian version is also available.

For brunch, there are multiple dishes including toasted sesame bagels (Simit) and spiced breads with different fillings and toppings ranging from savoury (melted cheese, olives, assorted meats) to sweet (strawberries, banana, and Nutella). The Turkish dish of Cilbir is also on the menu, which includes poached eggs in a spicy butter and garlic yoghurt sauce and served with bread.

A wide range of Turkish, American and Italian coffees are available alongside teas to suit all tastes.

Pars Kahve can be found at 6-7 Watergate Row; brunch is available until 1pm each day. The restaurant’s name combines the Turkish words for “Leopard” and “community hub”, with the spotted feline featured on its logo wearing a smart red fez.

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