Why Celebrate Wine & Cheese Day in Chester?

Each year on the 25th of July, people all around the world celebrate National Cheese and Wine Day.

The annual occasion pays tribute to one of the food and beverage world’s most famous pairings and brings together those with passion for drinking fine wine with delicious dairy bites. In a wide range of countries and regions across the globe, people proud of their local produce drinks wine with the cheeses created in their locale, making the act of pairing a time-honoured tradition.

However, combining cheese and wine is culinary science at work. The astringent nature of wine can dry the mouth, making swallowing harder. Meanwhile, the fat content of cheese can over lubricate, making flavour content too high to be enjoyed on its own. Appreciating these products together create balance allowing maximising experiences.

Chester is an outstanding city to honour Wine & Cheese Day in. It has many venues dedicated to selling wine, from select stores to secluded wine bars and well-appointed restaurants like Arkle. Many of these locations even offer special tasting experiences that curate collections of wine and cheese and teach guests how to appreciate their finer qualities.

Overlooking Chester Cathedral, Veeno wine serves Italian wines paired with speciality cheeses and traditional breads. Vin Santo is another expert in wine, offering both onsite experiences at its premises on Watergate Street, but also virtual tastings which customers can enjoy from home, sharing their opinions online of six different wines and cheeses.

Wherever you choose to celebrate this yearly event, there’s no doubt Chester is the place to be for wine and cheese.

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