Where to Find a Plant-based Brunch in Chester

From its fine hotels to its eclectic mix of pubs and restaurants, Chester has always been a hotspot for brunch. However, the city is one of Cheshire’s most forward-thinking metropolises and offers delicacies for diners of every diet. Those looking to lower their meat consumption in the city will find that one eatery always rises to the top of the list, Eastgate Street’s SHRUB.

Providing plant-based delights, SHRUB has been impressing guests since 2020 and has become a popular place for those seeking a healthy brunch in Chester. Its comprehensive selection of tasty nibbles and small plates of perfectly prepared ingredients make ideal option for dining between breakfast and lunch, although they are also served all day between lunch time and 8.30pm.

All dishes are served up tapas style at tables, with one to three small plates for each person. The rich bounty of options includes Padron peppers with lime and chilli, barbecued broccoli with tahini sauce, vegetable gyoza, Gochujang tofu with spring onions, artichoke wings in Aleppo chilli sauce, deep-fried camembert and corn served on the cob with miso butter.

For those seeking to add the English tradition of a cocktail to their brunch, SHRUB is also equipped. Its talented team of resident mixologists offer a diverse selection of sustainable drinks like “Jungle Funk” and “Beyond the Pines”, using special techniques designed to minimise waste.

If you’re seeking a healthy plant-based brunch in Chester, consider a stop in SHRUB, based in the city’s historic Rows.

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