New Hope in Chester After Rare Chimpanzee Born

Conservationists at leading landmark Chester Zoo recently enjoyed a moment of celebration after a baby chimpanzee was born. The new arrival now joins a troop of 21 chimps homed at the award-winning zoo, and is an important event for those dedicated to protecting endangered species everywhere.

Along with its partners around the world, Chester Zoo works tirelessly to protect the rarest chimpanzees native to Africa, which are experiencing a heavy decline in numbers throughout the continent.

Animal and Plant Director at Chester, Mike Jordan, commented:

“For nearly 30 years our teams have worked on the ground in Uganda, Nigeria and Gabon in Africa, working hand in hand with wildlife authorities, in-country partners and local communities in an effort protect some of the world’s rarest wild chimpanzee populations and their forest homes.”

Human activities like illegal wildlife trading and poaching have impacted African chimpanzee populations significantly. Deforestation, caused by logging and agricultural expansion have decimated their natural habitats, creating smaller territories for them to exist in and threatening their survival.

Chester Zoo took time recently to share heart-warming imagery of its latest addition, clinging to its mother Alice and drawing attention from other females in the group.

Although he is yet to be named, the newborn male infant will be called after a rock or pop musician, following Chester’s time-honoured tradition for chimpanzees. His mother Alice was named after rock icon Alice Cooper, while others in the troop are named in honour of American songsmith Bob Dylan and Scottish singer Annie Lennox.

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