Chester Escape Rooms Supply Christmas Adventures

Those who like games will find a wide range of options to get stuck into in Chester, but for a truly hands-on experience, nothing beats tackling an escape room with teammates.

Whether you choose to rise to the challenge with workmates for your festive do or with family and friends, escape rooms offer people a chance to collaborate and crack clues together.

Chester is blessed with not just one, but two exciting escape room companies whose creators have devised themed physical puzzles for teams to try to get free from. Escapism Chester and Breakout Chester have both put a seasonal slant on their escape rooms this year, offering intrepid puzzle solvers a chance to enjoy an exciting Christmas adventure in the city.

At Breakout Chester, teams can try the “Night Before Christmas” set in the North Pole. The Northern Lights have dimmed, and Santa’s sleigh can’t take off without them. Clue crackers must solve the riddles of the North Poles mysteries to escape the room and save the season.

Alternatively, they can take on the “Crimson Christmas” where teams must restore Christmas gifts encrypted by the humbug Ebenezer Scrooge. Taking on the role of righteous Seasonal spirits teammates sneak into Scrooge’s home to get back the gifts and teach the miser the message of Christmas.

Escapism Chester also has a festive challenge called “The Workshop” where you and your team can help Tony the elf to find misplaced presents before Santa returns. Tony can sneak you into the workshop, but you must find a way out.

Christmas-themed escape rooms are only available for a limited time in the weeks before and after Christmas, so booking early is always advised to avoid disappointment.

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